See “Time Management – for mathematical minded” for refresher on TUF (Time Utilization Factor) and ET (Effective Time).Time can be utilized or wasted.

This is a no brainer. All of us know that if we have time, we can use it for any of the million things we have on our list, or do nothing and waste it.


But Time can also be invested.
Yes, like money, time can be invested to generate more time. Before we talk of what is Time Investment, first let’s see what is NOT Time Investment.


What is NOT Time Investment?
Like money, you can use time or invest it.
It is commonly said that education is one of the best investments of time. Education enhances job opportunities, provides stability, respect, money and so many other things. However, in reality it can’t be called investment of time because it is not generating more time, at least within the confines of commonly understood benefits of education. As an analogy, if you put money in bank, it is called investment of money, but if you use money to go on vacation or buy something useful, it is not called investment of money, it is called use of money. So years spent on education are excellent useof time but not investment.

How do you get more time in life?

By now I think you should have a good sense of where I am going with TUF and ET. You simply increase time by increasing ET.

Finally, what IS Time Investment?
Time Investment simply means getting increased ET in long term, by doing something which results in reduced ET in the short term.
As an example, take the act of going to gym for exercising. I don’t really enjoy exercising, but I still do it. Since I am not enjoying, during this period my TUF is a bit low, resulting in reduced ET. The reduced ET is Time Investment.
The exercise give me short term benefits of more focus and energy and long term benefits of good health. All this results in increased ET, which is the return on invested time.

What’s next?

Look for upcoming blogs for detailed examples of Time Investment and see how this concept really leads to Life Management.

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