Neeraj Mital

I am a futurist writer, speaker and technology consultant, President of Visions of Future. Past president of Sofnet Technology, Inc., an IT consulting company.

Back in 80s, worked for a number of years researching and developing Intelligent control systems for process industries. One of the areas of work involved merging of artificial intelligence with conventional control systems to add intelligence to factory automation.

Passionate about envisioning a better future for mankind, my writings include diverse topics like spirituality, religion and philosophy, morality, human relations and how these concepts will shape up in future as we see astronomical advances in technology.

I love the game of bridge and have done lot of reading and research on this game. One of my publications deals with using Fuzzy Logic to design an AI based system to play bridge. Other interests include Indian classical and folk music, ping pong, and not the least, brisk walk on trails which has been the source of lot of my writing ideas.

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