Walking on the shores of Lake George, I suddenly sense a moment of extremely relaxed and joyful state of mind. I notice the serene nature and my surroundings, the way I never felt before. Not only the beauty of nature, the beauty of the whole creation, the infinite number of magical fabrics that constitute life, I truly feel blissful and fortunate to be having the experience of life. There are no words that can describe the deep sense of joy and blissfulness that I am experiencing. I have never experienced joy to this extent anytime before.

(I think I know what caused it. A combination of holiday mood, worry free mind, good sleep the previous night, perfect morning weather, beautiful surrounding and a fairly long walk probably got me into this relaxed and joyful state. Probably all of you have experienced something like this sometime or other).

I feel the yearning to extend this moment longer. In fact it is so joyful that I want to feel like this all the time under all circumstances – at any cost.

Call me greedy, but I want more. I want to extend the time I have been given by almighty to as much as possible and then stay with this blissful feeling all throughout.

Fortunately I already know what I need to do. I just need to put it into practice.

What is need to do is fairly simple.

1. Maintaining blissful state of mind all the time, under any circumstances. Yes, this will require training and practice. This will ensure I don’t waste or under utilise even a single moment that I have been given.

2. Treat my body and mind as temple. Do everything possible to keep both healthy, whether it involves, eating right, physical exercises, training of mind (yoga, meditation and so on) or anything else. This will ensure that I live longest possible life in good health

I may not have the detailed knowledge of all that is needed to achieve the above, but fortunately I can find teachers, coaches and friends who can help me with this journey.

I know I will be sacrificing lot of pleasures, that I am used to – like letting go of food I crave, the fun of spending time in front of tv or just partying all night and many more. But then that sacrifice is nothing compared to the new found joy, that I will be getting in return.

I am happy to have this realization of how great every moment of my life can be – and will be!

I continue my walk with a new resolve and a deep sense of wellbeing.


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