Even a two minute meditation can make a difference to your day. Repeat it couple of times and you are on road to being mindful all the time.

Two minute meditation can be done in number of ways. Here is one approach –

Find a place to comfortably sit, stand or lie down. Allow your breathing to naturally become slow and deep. Set an alarm for two minutes. If you prefer and the situation allows, close your eyes.

Visualize feelings of extreme joy, peace and blissfulness. Don’t worry if such feelings don’t look real. For now just go with them.

The fact is that irrespective of the circumstances around you, being in blissful state of mind IS your true nature and you deserve to experience this state ALL the time. But that is besides the point. For next two minutes, whether these look real or not, just accept these feelings and be them.

If your attention wanders, bring it back gently to the same feelings of joy and bliss.

When alarm goes off, gently open the eyes and end the meditation.

The book “Meditation in a New York Minute: Super Calm for the Super Busy” by Mark Thornton has several ideas for 2 minutes meditation. Will share those at some point.


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