See “What is Time Investment? – written for mathematically minded” for refresher on TUF (Time Utilization Factor) / ET (Effective Time) and Time Investment.When I am enjoying a yummy meal, I often end up over eating. But, soon after finishing the meal I feel a bit miserable. Let’s analyse this further.1. A good meal takes about 30 to 45 minutes to eat. The over eating part takes about last 5 to 10 minutes of it. We use the higher number 10 for calculations below.Assuming my TUF shoots to 10 during these 10 minutes (there is nothing more I want at that moment), we calculate the ET.
a. ET = 10 * 10/60= 10/6

If I did not over eat, I would feel deprived and let’s say during that period, I would live in a real low TUF of 1.

b. The ET for this time = 1 * 1/6 = 1/6

c. So the loss of ET by not over eating = 10/6 – 1/6 = 1.5

In other words not over eating in one meal is equivalent to time investment of 1.5. Now let’s see what I get back in return.

If I don’t over eat, I feel good about myself and due to that my TUF for next hour or so, is higher. Let’s say in place of being 4, it shoots to 6.

d. Gain in ET during this hour = 1 * (6-4)  = 2.0

Healthy food gives me good energy for next couple of hours. Over eating keeps me lethargic and unfocused for the same period. Being conservative, let’s say the TUF difference over next 2 hours is just 1 (6 for good energy and 5 for feeling lethargic and unfocused).

e. Gain in ET over these two hours = 2*1 = 2.0

f. Gross Gain in ET = 2.0 + 2.0 = 4.0 (step d + step e)

Subtract the original loss (or investment) of 1.5 (step c),  incurred due to over eating.

g. Net Gain in ET = 4.0 – 1.5 = 2.5 (step f – step c).

The story does not end here. Add to the above the following.

The habit of not over eating results in higher immune system, falling sick less often, reduced chance of developing life style diseases like diabetes, less visits to doctors and slight increase in life expectancy. Can you really compute how much excess ET this habit of not over eating gives you over lifetime!

The consequence of not over eating in one meal is time investment equal to ET of 1.5. It results in subsequent gain of 4.0, giving net profit of 2.5 which is more than 150% return. On top of it you get further gains during lifetime which can’t be calculated.

Do you still want to over eat!

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