Something here seems to defy common sense. There we have FDA trying to track down a criminal and Apple is unwilling to comply in that process. I understand and value individual privacy, but where is the question of its violation here?

After Marathon bombing in Boston, police were searching each and every house to find the terrorist. Were they violating privacy of those home owners? What if all those owners refused to comply with that process on the same grounds of privacy violation that Apple is presenting in this case?

Individual privacy is important, but not where it comes in the way of security of the country.

What if there is another incidence like 9/11 and the main cause turns out to be the lack of access to the secure channels used by suspects and non cooperation of corporations like Apple is providing access to it! Shouldn’t these corporations (and probably their key personnels) be charged with ‘enabling crime’ or at the minimum ‘obstructing justice’, just the way an individual would be?

None of the answers given by Apple, seem to make any sense when weighed against the need to maintain law and order and security of country.

After all the talk of privacy wouldn’t even exist if we didn’t feel safe and secure to begin with.

What am I missing!


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