Friends, Using couple of short posts, I am going to share a unique method of solving Rubik’s cube. 

My method is unique (I have not been able to find anything close to it on the internet or in any book).

It is intuitive, meaning, as you follow the method, you can see and feel why the steps being followed will in fact solve the cube. This is in contrast to methods available on the internet, where one can easily learn to solve the cube, but most likely won’t understand the details. Over the years, I have met countless people who can solve the cube, but none of them have been able to explain why the steps they follow indeed result in putting the cube together!

The methods available on the Internet are arrived at by applying group theory and other techniques from advanced mathematics. See’s_Cube. That makes them practically impossible to comprehend using common sense. This is true even for ardent riddle lovers.

My method is actually not a method but more like a set of guidelines. While the methods available on the internet and books are like GPS directions, where you blindly follow the directions to reach the destination, my method is more like an exercise in treasure hunt, where only a set of clues (or no clues) are given and one just has to find the ‘treasure’ based on one’s own abilities.

This also implies that while practically anyone can learn from the internet and solve the cube, my method is only for riddle lovers who have some curiosity to try it out on their own. It is ideally meant for those who have tried and succeeded partially (solved one of more faces, corners, sides or whatever).

The method will be covered in a total of 5 posts (one being this introduction). For curious ones, here are the titles…

Rubik’s cube – An intuitive solution – part 2 – What makes it so hard…

Rubik’s cube – An intuitive solution – part 3 – The magic hint…

Rubik’s cube – An intuitive solution – part 4 – Using the hint, a simple example

Rubik’s cube – An intuitive solution – part 5 – Using the hint, a complex example

Rubik’s cube – An intuitive solution – part 6 – Surprise – we are actually done!

There might also be some more parts with additional details.

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