This year’s French Open seems pretty important for Roger.

What! Some of you are wondering – he is not even playing!

Yes, that is indeed true that he is not playing, but let’s diverge a bit and see –

If Djokovic does not win French Open this year, he may never win it. After all he will be 30+ next year.

Without French Open in the bag, the only major that has eluded him, whatever else he achieves in his career, he may be compared to Roger, but probably won’t be considered better than him.

If he does win it, then there is a good chance he ends up being called ‘all time best’, by end of his career.

After all, he has winning record against both Roger and Nadal. He is likely to end with far more masters 1000 titles than anyone else. He could even come close or equal the major count of 17 that Federer has achieved.

Point being that he will be on the road to surpass Roger, whether he actually does it or not is another thing.

So when it comes to Rogers’s legacy, as to whether he continues to be called ‘all time best’ for long time or not, this French Open is indeed significant for him.


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