“Robots waging war and destroying humanity..”

This has been a science fiction theme since ages. However I feel this will never happens and in fact will slowly lose its meaning.

The reasoning is simple…

Simultaneously with robots becoming smarter, we are also getting into the age of implants and genetic enhancements. So whatever intelligence, that is available to robots will also be available to humans (or to various flavors of evolved humans, to be precise).

So future will never have just humans and robots. It will have humans, various species evolved from humans and yes robots.

Will there be wars or will all these species cooperate and live with harmony?

Well, there is no reason to believe that the basic notion of ‘survival of fittest’ will not continue. So wars will be there. Weaker species may get eliminated. And it might happen that pure Robots might end up being strongest, but it is unlikely, After all evolved humans will possibly have all the powers that robots can have and on top have the inherent ‘human intelligence’

What happens to regular humans (those who have not evolved)?

I guess, it is best to look at the past. What has happened to chimps, from whom humans evolved – They continue to exist as they did earlier, but only as long as they don’t interfere with humans. Humans as such have shown no regard to any other specie or to their own less privileged humans (extreme poverty and injustice prevails all over!), so very unfortunate, but I guess it is natural to expect the same in future…


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