‘Ability to change’ is one of the most empowering characteristics we have as human beings. It means at anytime we can change the course of our life towards new found direction.

By changing, we can not always reach where  we ‘could have been’. But that is besides the point. With so many uncertainties and unknowns, hardly anyone can claim that their life has been perfect. Perhaps life is not meant to be perfect and perhaps that is one factor that makes it so beautiful!

The point is, whatever you have been doing so far and whatever constraints you feel you have, you already possess or can develop, the power to break away and start moving in a direction that you think is your destiny.

The key point above is that although this power to change is inherent part of you, you still need to learn how to tap into it and use it. How do you develop this power? That will be the topic of my upcoming posts.


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