I recently posted following comments on the article – “Religion, Technology and Science in the 21st Century – Uncertainty in a Changing World

My response to “Can Religion Withstand Technology?” is simply yes, and will always be. What I have observed over more than 30 years is that religion is as evolving as science and lot of the arguments supporting religion or “Intelligent Design” use latest technological advances as a base and center around what is not yet discovered by science. So till the time we know every detail about our existence, which is unlikely to happen anytime in future, religion will easily be able to withstand technology.
On a side note, the possibility that we are living in a Simulation (see http://neeraj-quest.blogspot.com/2013/04/are-we-living-in-simulated-real…) adds an interesting twist to this whole debate. It is even conceivable that this universe is indeed a creation of “Intelligent Design”, but our creators are dead – see –Is it possible that this Universe is indeed a creation of the GOD, but that GOD is dead?

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