Part  4 of 4 part article – see How does a GWL deals with work overload? for part 3.

We went around full circle and basically reiterated in 3 articles, what had been expressed in the 2 line story, which I wrote way back in 2002 –

“I am very lazy. I love to laze around. However, I laziness is expensive, very expensive. Worst, it does not let me laze around. So if I really want to laze around, I better not be lazy.”

Thriugh humor route, I tried to convey the following.


The ‘free time’ symbolizes a state where one feels fully complete with nothing but a sense of accomplishment and joy. In a practical sense, on a daily basis, it could mean the time when you feel you have done everything you wanted (for that day), with no compromises or regrets. If you are like me, you would agree that such days are not common!


To lead a good life, one does not need to follow any prescribed path, spiritual or otherwise. In fact not following any such path leads to a feeling of tremendous freedom (as at the end of article 2). But as long as one takes time to truly know the self and then just goes about achieving that (what one wants), one would still end up having a life full of contentment and purpose – as illustrated in article 3.

Notice, it is not a selfish pursuit, because if understood correctly, ‘what you truly desire’ will definitely include elements of responsibility towards others – family, society and so on.


It has been said at numerous place and times that ultimately, all we are seeking in life is ‘Happiness’.

The road to that happiness is not by relinquishing desires and responsibilities and adopting a life of renunciation (Sanyasa), but it is the opposite – by fully understanding and achieving what you truly desire.


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