On lingering Caste System in India…

It is sad to hear instances of casteism, still prevalent parts of India. It should go away and I don’t think anyone would oppose it, off course except few who still can and like to benefit from it.

It is also unfortunate that it is being blown out of proportion for political gains and being portrayed as a ‘defect’ of a religion.

Caste system is not something that is mandated by religion. Neither Hindu religion nor the law of the land in India supports it. Any discrimination based on caste is illegal and if there are any loop holes, the laws should be tightened.

It is mainly a law and order and discrimination issue. In fact, we have many different types of discrimination in India. People from North feel discriminated in South. Some folks from minority religions probably feel discriminated when living in Hindu dominated communities and in minority religion dominated areas Hindus have been known to have to sell away their properties at throw away prices.

The worst part is that this is being turned into a political and religious issue in India. The efforts are being made to label it as something integral to Hinduism, which is as I mentioned above is just not true. Not only this, but there is absolutely nothing in which goes against the basic tenets of democracy or equality.

Not all religions can make the above claim! While, like all types of corruption, any remains of caste system need to go away, anyone looking for religious issues that go against basic tenets of equality needs to look elsewhere!

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