Meditation provides tremendous benefits in all aspects of life. This post specifically addresses how Meditation would help in practicing Nishkam Karma Yoga.

Just to recap, Nishkam Karma Yoga basically means two things –

  1. While executing any task, focus exclusively at that task, with no concern about results. This does not mean that the task is done without any goal or result in mind. It only means, that during execution, the attention should be on the process and not on results.
  2. Have strength to deal with any unfavorable results.

The favorable role meditation practice would play in both of the objectives is so obvious, that probably it does not need any elaboration (and this post itself!). However, in nutshell –

In relation to exclusively focusing on the task at hand – Meditation by its very nature gives mind the practice of staying away from distractions and focusing on nothing or only on desired thoughts (GOD, bliss, a mantra and so on). So clearly it will help in focusing on the task at hand also.

In relation to dealing with unfavorable results, the usefulness of Meditation is equally obvious. By its very nature, Meditation provides mental relaxation, helps develop clarity and develop mental strength. So naturally it would help with dealing with adversities.

As always, I look forward to your viewpoint.


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