The basic message of Nirvana Shatkam is that our body and mind are not parts of us but rather they just belong to us. They are no different than the countless other possessions that we have like house, car, clothes and so on.

People generally find this message hard to accept. They find it abstract and take it as a belief system which is not based on facts.

However, look at it from pure scientific point of view.

It is matter of time when scientists will be able to save (upload) our memory and all other information in brain on some other media and later download it in another body. Theoretically, there is nothing that prevents it and there are hardly any futurists who do not believe in this possibility. Yes, it is not happening anytime soon but the only question is how much time it will take us to get there – couple of decades or couple of centuries or longer.

Regardless, whenever it happens, for survival WE will no longer be dependent on the body that we are born with.

And the above message of Nirvana Shatkam will be seen as an absolute reality!.




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