Yes, I think it will be…

“The pain is part of the path…”, mentioned Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens during his locker room speech recently after Celtics suffered a crucial defeat.

“Sometimes you have no hope left. But you have to believe against the hope and still do your very best…”, mentioned Djokovic after winning Wimbledon from brink of defeat 3 years back.

These are just some of the examples to show how spiritual thinking and practice is no longer the domain of just the select few elite practitioners but is slowly getting integrated into society.

Have you noticed how present generation is far more health conscious than previous generations. However, the focus is mainly on eating well and physical fitness. Although the benefits of mental fitness using mediation and other so called spiritual practices are being understood but they don’t yet seem main stream.

If the trends in physical fitness are any guide, all indications are that the next generation will view spiritual practice as integral part of optimal health (along with eating well and physical fitness) and so will be very advanced spiritually also.

If one analyzed and compared this phenomenon with its prevalence among our ancestors, it might not be surprising if it turned out that –

Next generation will be “Most spiritually advanced in the history of mankind”.

But that is a bold statement and up for research and debate.

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