If you don’t watch Indian Zee tv serials you are lucky. This post is for the rest of us.

Please bear with my language though, I don’t have much experience writing humor.

First, if you indeed are from the lucky ones who don’t watch Zee, STOP. The rest of the writing in not for you. You don’t deserve it. You have not done anything to suffer through it. Being known to me is not a crime!.

But, if you are indeed  a Zee watcher, I am sure you are used to garbage, and may enjoy some more.

Before I proceed, I want to defend. I can’t be held responsible for this. If you are already standing in a dumpster, some trash is bound to fall on your head!
This is about the crazy hour long joint episode of two serials, KHTW and BALH (Kya Hua Tera Wada and  Bade Achhe Lagte Hain) where the innocent lead character of BALH is shot by villain of KHTV.

It looked like height of insanity and I immediately decided to add more. So here is the idea for next 20 or so episodes of BALH.

(It could form about half hour of stage entertainer, but at Zee speed, even 20 might not suffice)

Episode 1-5 – BALH producer, director and the characters are totally confused. Their hero is injured. They don’t know how to take the serial forward. They are losing TV revenues.

Episode 6-10 – The characters of BALH and KHTW are in a verbal fight with each other. BALH blaming KHTW for their losses. KHTW blaming BALH for not honoring their friendship. KHTW decide not to invite BALH on the upcoming New Year episode where they plan to invite lead characters of all other serials.

Episode  11-17- BALH sue KHTW for their losses. The court case can easily take 7 episodes.

Episode 18 – Decision day. The judgement is in the favor of BALH. Court orders that till the time BALH hero recovers, KHTW lead character will in turn fill in and act as the hero of BALH. That way BALH can proceed normally.

Episode 19 – Soon after rejoice of victory, there is sudden silence in BALH camp. The judgement has no meaning. KHTW no longer have a hero, he died long back! – actually as a result of same shooting incidence that injured BALH hero.

Episode 20 – BALH cast is again clueless on next steps. They have decided to sue the judge.

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