The other day I saw Ayush, my 2 month old grand son and this short story crossed my mind.

Ayush has just finished his feed. In moments it will be time for play. I look at his face. He is fully at peace. I look at him closely. No, that was a gross understatement. Not just his face, but his entire body is radiating contentment and complete satisfaction. At this moment, he does not seem to want anything else in the world.

My thoughts wonder. Is it not what is called bliss which all scriptures teach us – that is living with contentment and feelings of happiness and joy. Modern science tells us that it is also the key to good health – both mental and physical. Ironically, that in turn makes us more competent in our very chase for “more”. Look at it from any angle – spiritual or worldly, relaxed state of mind is a winner. Why is it then that it is so difficult to achieve, while it happens so naturally to Ayush.

It is not that Ayush is blissful all the time. In fact he has very few of those moments. On slight discomfort, his expressions change and soon you can hear the cry. Ignore him for few seconds and the volume escalates, soon changing to a full volume alarm displaying some major crisis. But you hold him, soothe him, understand his need and comfort him, and his crying subsides right away.

This time “Mind like water” analogy from the book “Getting Things Done, the Art of Stress-Free Productivity” by David Allen crosses my mind.

“Imagine a still pool of water. Imagine a pebble thrown into it. How does the water react. Just enough to handle the impact of the pebble. It soon returns to the state of calm”.

Our mind should be like water, continues David Allen – always calm, except when we undertake an assignment, at which point, it should finish it with full energy and concentration and return to the state of calm.

“Mind like Water” analogy is easily said but so difficult to achieve.

Is it that GOD or nature, whatever your believe in, continually demonstrate to us, the true way of life through new born like Ayush!



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