Other day my 3 yr old grandson, referring to his favorite monkey suddenly remarked –

‘Nanu, my monkey does not have birthdays.

After a pause he continued -‘he always stays one’.

Seems he didn’t want his monkey to grow up so had conveniently taken away his birthday.

‘So he must be very sad. No birthday cake for him’, I said.

After a pause he said ‘no, I give him a lollipop’.

Apparently he didn’t want his monkey to be unhappy.

After a long pause he continued ‘Nanu, I give him lots of lollipops’.

I kept thinking how he had created an artificial world in his imagination where everything was to his liking (monkey always staying 1) and also where there inherent justice prevailed (monkey having lots of lollipops in place of birthday).

Perhaps creating and living in such imaginary worlds is an innate quality of humans at large!


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