In my last post I talked of switching off tv.

But before you think of cancelling your tv subscription, here is another true incidence –

This morning I wake up, get fresh, have some nuts and green tea and am ready to do my workout. No TV today (at least that is my decision…). I am physically ready, start moving… but my mind is just not into it. The mind seems to be winning over what my brain and body want. I try for 5-10 minutes but am totally distracted and just not ready for it.

Finally I switch on my tv and happy to find my favorite program. That does it. I get engrossed in that and end up doing a decent 1 hour workout, far better than what I could have done without it!

It just shows that everything in our life has value – even seemingly bad things. Especially today when we are bombarded with technology from every angle. We can’t practically get rid of it altogether. All we can do is to use our wisdom and self discipline to use everything thrown at us judiciously.

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