Friends, I came up with this meditation and practiced it the other day during my walk (mixed with some jogging).

I start jogging. After a minute or so I draw my attention to my true nature (which is nothing but to be blissful For ever), Looking at myself and all that is happening around me, l truly feel blissful. The countless issues I am having in my life (just like most of us), does not change this perception. I put my attention on my surroundings and keenly observe the nature, the wind, the weather, the birds, the people, basically everything I can observe. Everything is blissful in this observation and at this time it is helping me in staying with my true nature (which is to be blissful for ever).

A part of my attention goes back to jogging and I realize, I am not really enjoying it. A part of me wants to stop. But then my attention goes to who I truly am (a pure awarenes), and I realize that it is not ME that is not liking the jog, it is my BODY.

For maintaining my blissfulness for ever (or for as long as possible, to be practical), two most important things I own are my BODY and my MIND (which includes my brain). (Yes, the MIND and BODY are NOT part of ME, instead they just belong to me). It is in my best interest to maintain both these in best possible health. Their likes and dislikes are not much of my concern. I have the same attitude towards my car. (This is not always so. Usually I stay tuned to my body. It is very smart and knows what is best for it. Listening to it and following its guidance is usually the best way to keep it healthy. But this is different, I just know that a good jog is best for my body’s long term health at this time).

At this point I visualize my body as something separate from me, jogging with some unpleasantness, but me immersed in complete bliss, observing the surroundings.

I divert part of my attention to my mind and catch it purposelessly wondering all over. It needs to quite down. At this point there is nothing for it to do, no planning, no goal setting, no need to think about past or future. It can just relax with happy feelings. This is what it needs most to stay healthy. Basically, what is best for my mind is just to focus on my true nature (which is to be blissful for ever). I gently redirect it towards blissful thoughts. I am aware I will need to do it repeatedly as my mind is not yet trained to stay at one place.

I visualize myself, feeling blissful, having mind in my control, and my body separate from me, engaged in jogging. I notice that the unpleasantness that my body was feeling is gone. It was a temporary phase. Both me and my mind are feeling blissful.

For a brief moment I diverge and think about my jog – how fast and for how long I want it to be. Again the only criteria is what is best for my body in long run. Its comfort or discomfort during the jog is not of any significance.

I go back to my blissful feelings, being in the moment and keenly observing everything around me, with my mind doing the same and body carrying out the planned jog.

(This meditation is based on correct interpretation of the two lines Nirvana Shatkam – by far the most profound spiritual text I have come across).




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