Have you had moments when you feel you need to exercise, you are fit, not tired but somehow you are not in a mood and just can’t get yourself to get started with it. You just want to relax, watch a movie or something.

How do you motivate yourself in such moments.

I had this situation this morning and stumbled upon a thought process (leading to the meditation I am about to describe) that completely transformed my mind and I did my workout with full motivation and mindfulness.

Here is that meditation – which not surprisingly for me is based on Nirvana Shatkam –

Meditation start –

I am nothing but pure awareness (call it Soul, energy or whatever that works for you) and my true nature is to be in a state of perfect bliss (call it joy, calmness, happiness or anything else that works for you).

My body and mind are two of my possessions, just like countless others that I have. They are not PART of me.

If my body is hurting, it does not reduce my bliss, just like my car needing repair does not.
Similarly if my mind is suffering (not getting what it is craving), it does not reduce my bliss.

Since I am already always in the state of perfect bliss, there is nothing I need to do or achieve. The only goal then I have is to extend my bliss as much as possible, which in turn means extending healthy life as much as possibility. For this I need to keep my mind and body in as good health as possible for the longest possible time (stay with this thought for as long as needed for it to be fully internalized).

My mind needs to be calm and very very relaxed for its good health.
What my body needs for its optimal long term health at this time is to be exercised.

Let me relax my mind first and then exercise the body

Meditation end.

At this point, I am fully motivated to relax my mind (although it is already relaxed to good extent as part of above meditation), which I do using another short meditation. (This relaxation step can be done using techniques other than meditation too, based on personal preference).

Once the mind is relaxed, I am fully motivated to do my workout and go ahead with it.


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