Part  1 of 4 part article – see Plight of a GWL for introduction

I am basically a lazy person. People who know will agree.Given a choice, I wouldn’t do anything. What I like most is my free time. The free time to me literally means what it says – a time which is free.

Cleaning the house, putting things in place, going to market to grab few things are not part of free time – they in fact take away from it.

Even catching up on sleep does not count as free time. Free time to me can start only after having a sound sleep.

Many times I have a weekend filled with lot of fun activities – going to a movie, partying with friends, meeting family and so on – while thoroughly enjoying every bit of these, a part of me is feeling being “robbed” of my free time!

Do I have hobbies? Yes. Sometimes I spend hours on them and come out extremely relaxed with feelings of contentment and meaning. But again a part of me is left “yearning” for free time that had been eaten up by these hobbies!

My laziness is much deeper than just being a habit built over time. I think I am “hard wired” with this trait and call myself a GWL (Genetically Wired Lazy).

My friends ask me –

“Neeraj, so what do you do in your free time?”

My typical answer is –

“Friend, your question is wrong. It has a contradiction. If I did anything, it would no longer be a free time!”.

GWL addresses tough question of life – this will be the topic of next post.


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