The play of nature is in front of me. In the midst of pleasant weather and all the colors, there are those colorful leaves, which are on the last step of their lives. Their end is imminent. It is only after the trees have shed old leaves is when the new ones can come in the next season.

It is not just with trees, no living thing has ever escaped this cycle. We humans are no exception. One day all of us have to part, just like dying leaves! It is a universal law of nature.

But can this law be broken! Can something live forever. Can we humans evolve to be immortals!

I am, for one, optimistic. Advancing technology has the potential to make us immortal – and that too, not in too distant a future.

But alas! The same technology also has the potential to self destruct and in this race between immortality and complete self destruction, something tells me, immortality would lose out.


2Ambrish Chandra and Alka Agarwal

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