Our planet has been undergoing destruction. Species are becoming extinct at a rate faster than ever. If trends continue, someday over the next couple of decades or in a century or two, the earth may become inhabitable.

One thought is that by that time we may make Mars habitable, giving hope that human life as we know it may still continue. But is that really a good news. Recently it dawned on me that that possibility could actually be disastrous for most!

Think about it, even if Mars becomes habitable, it will be for a select few. It is far fetched to think that someday there will be cheap transport for anyone to just relocate to Mars. What incentive will those in power have to help a common man move there! None. In fact once the optimum number are there, it is far more likely they will try to close the doors for the rest. Further, Mars being the hope, significant resources will get diverted towards that and keeping Earth habitable may never get the focus in requires.

On the other hand if we figure out that there is no way that within our lifetime on Earth, we can make Mars or any other planet habitable, then the entire focus of those with power, money and knowledge will be to extend the life of planet Earth as much as possible which will be in a way good for all.


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