Living life – video game style

Have you ever watched kids play video games?

When they play, they are fully engrossed in it. They are using all their senses and are totally in it physically and emotionally. They are trying to compete and win, but more than that, thoroughly enjoying the game.

Once it is over they talk about it for few minutes, winner truly excited and brimming with success but all others also happy and eager to play again.

After that they move on to another game or totally different activity, go back home, do homework, have dinner and so on – but determined to play that last game better next time.

While they are eager to play the game again, the memory of earlier game soon fades and they are least concerned about who won the last time.

Can we take life the same way. Think of it as a series of games. The games are presented to us one at a time. We just play the game to our best ability and enjoy it. We are least bothered about the games we got to play in the past. We are also least concerned about the game(s), that will be presented to us in the future.

Further we are fully aware that current game WILL end at one point and could in fact end any moment! And not to forget, know that there is nothing to worry because a new game will be presented to us at that point.

Think about it, in the moments of sudden big change or catastrophe that we all know can come to any of us at any time, the thought that “one game over, time to start next game”, can go a long way in our recovery.

Just one more thing… Notice how kids are determined to play better next time. We also need to reflect back on the game that got over, take useful lessons from it and be motivated to play at our best whatever game is presented to us next.


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