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I wrote this short article on leadership more than a year back and shared it among friends thru email. Moving on to blog now.

Contrary to common understanding, leadership is NOT about managing your subordinates at workplace. It is more about the ability to influence others. You need it in all spheres of life. At work place you need leadership skills even if you have no subordinates. It modern society, it is a prime requirement for you to grow.

Here is my own definition of leadership in one sentence.

Leadership is a way of creating an environment around you in which people are motivated to follow you.

• We need leadership skills at work place, whether we have people reporting to us or not.

• We need leadership skills in our personal life to be able to have positive impact in the life of our children and other loved ones.

• We need leadership skills, even for realizing our own hobbies and hidden potential.

I am currently reading an excellent book on leadership “Developing the Leader Within You”, John C Maxwell. Here is how the author distinguishes leader from a manager.

• Manager drives the workers. Leader coaches them.
• Manager depends on authority. Leader on goodwill
• Manager inspires fear. Leader inspires enthusiasm
• Manager says I. Leader say we.
• Manager knows how it is done. Leader shows how.
• Manager says ‘Go’. Leader says ‘Let’s go’.

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