What? has Neeraj gone crazy! Some of you tennis fans are thinking.

Roger Federer, all time bast tennis player, winner of 17 grand slams, a role model of thousands and someone who probably does not need a role mode!

Radek Stepanek, an average tennis player, 2-15 against Roger, lost recently in the first round of French open.

So how can Stepanek be a role model for Roger!

Well, look closer. Stepanek lost today in 5 grueling sets to world number 2, Andy Murray. And Andy was not playing bad. In fact he played fairly well. It is just that Stepanek matched him in every aspect in that long match and at one point came within two points of winning.

Still, how does that qualify him to be a role model to none other than Roger?

Look at it this way. At 34 years of age, well above tennis playing years, what Roger needs most is to be able to play for couple of more years at high level.

That this is where Stepanek qualifies. At 37 years of age, he is 3 years older than Roger and he played at HIS highest level.

Now do you see how Stepanek indeed is an ideal role model for Roger! He demonstrated everything today that Roger needs to do over next couple of years- ability to maintain health and play at highest level.

Disclaimer: I am no fan of Stepanek, and this thought just came to my mind when I watched him lose in the first round of French Open.


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