In the middle of a Universe spanning billions of light years, there happens to be a tiny planet called earth. It has existed for just about a billion years (tiny, when compared to the age of the Universe, which is around 16 billion and couple of 100 billion more years to come).

On this earth for a tiny fraction of time – for just around a million years, a specie called humans has existed. For even tiny fraction of just around 10 to 20 thousand years we have had some civilization of which last couple of hundred years can be called somewhat advanced..

Isn’t it an absolute wonder that in the middle of this vast Universe, I find myself as one of those millions of humans, happily breathing, feeling and alive? I feel free, I feel healthy and on top of that I have family, friends and so many other humans who make my existence all the more of a blessing.

But how brilliant of me!, while living and experiencing all this magic, I still manage to find time and reason to have feelings of anxiety, sadness, jealousy and anger!


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