Watched Hindi movie Angoor. Excellent comedy. Gets too involved in the second half, too many characters, too many things going on. In the end everything gets solved and characters seem to move on with their normal lives.

Suddenly it dawns on me that my own life is no different. At this point I have too many responsibilities and things to care for. At some point in future, children will become independent and most other responsibilities will be gone. Just like in that movie, life will change from being very hectic to one with very little responsibilities. Only difference from the movie is that the end for me may be quite long – who knows how long the life is after so called retirement.

Another difference from the movie is that movie was a comedy. My life is far from being a comedy!

But is that really true? In big picture, where everything is really insignificant, won’t to someone (say super power), looking at me, my scrambling with so many things at this time, with no ultimate purpose, look like a comedy to him.


Is everything indeed insignificant, as portrayed in the story? Well, my personal belief is that it is not and I have my reasons for that – more on that some other time..

However, if you consider our Universe with billions of galaxies with a lifespan of 16+ billion years in the past and much more in future, existence of entire humanity on this planet and the existence of planet earth itself in the Universe is insignificant, both in size and time. This story was written from that perspective.

(this story was conceived and drafted about 10 years back, when I indeed had lot of responsibilities.)


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