If wealth is lost – nothing is lost
If health is lost – something is lost
If character is lost – everything is lost

I understand the intent behind this famous quote, but not sure if I agree fully. In reality if wealth is lost, a LOT is lost.

And if health is lost, practically ALL is lost.

Even for enjoying parties, going to bars, long movie nights at home or travelling all over the world, one needs good health.

So if long, stress free and happy life is what one is looking for, then maintaining best possible health automatically becomes the highest priority.

Now here is a dilemma…

We all have phases in life (looong phases :)), where we become over busy and there is just no room for devoting sufficient time towards health.

A demanding job (necessary for supporting a family), being at home raising kids (an extremely demanding task!), taking care of elderly parents (equally demanding task) being some examples.

Clearly neglecting such responsibilities in favor of pursuit of ‘optimal health’ would not be wise!

So what can be done?

A lot, if one believes in the significance of being healthy and keeps the right mindset.

Because then, the way we find time to check our emails and chat on social media, we will also find time to think of our health.

Over time, such small efforts will multiply and make a significant difference towards overall health and wellbeing.

How we keep motivated, how we find these tiny (and sometimes bigger) pockets of time and how we utilize such pockets effectively will be the topic of my upcoming posts.

Well, that’s all for today… (got to go and spend next few minutes practicing mindfulness!)

For now, leaving you with something to ponder…

If health is lost – is it just something or LOT MORE that is lost?


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