One of the toughest things to learn in life is that at any time there can be a fork in our life, rendering all our existing goals and ambitions meaningless!

However, we as human beings possess the power to adjust and evolve. We can always reevaluate our life and create new goals and meaning – and sometimes even discover new opportunities that life is now offering.

I like to put it in philosophical terms –

Life is just a series of games which are presented to us one at a time. We are just expected to enjoy and play these games well. There are no winners or losers.

Now anytime we have a major setback (permanent disability or loss of a family member and so on), this belief system would tell us – “One game over, time to play this new game…

I made it sound simple but believe me, I understand it is very very tough, but well worth the practice. Think about it, this way of thinking can go a long way in our recovery.

(Ideas from the book ‘On Mental Toughness’, from Harvard business review, that I am currently reading).


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