I recently posted following comments on the article – “The Darkest Hour is Before the Dawn… of Tomorrow’s Digital World

Dan, you touched upon some very important points.
Some of these are natural implications of globalization. Connectivity and globalization result in somewhat equalizer of opportunities among the middle class all over the world, which over a long term means decline in the living standard of middle class of developed countries when compared to that of developing countries.
Another aspect to consider is the trend of rising disparity, where rich are becoming far richer than others. See my recent blog (http://neeraj-quest.blogspot.com/2013/05/parity-in-midst-of-rising-dispa…) on this topic. What that means is that when considering overall health of any developed nation, middle class is not the only driver. While middle class is under pressure, the rate of rise of upper class has been rising.
Fully agree with Brad’s comments that we are in the midst of exponential growth (see http://neeraj-quest.blogspot.com/2013/03/are-we-in-midst-of-exponential-…), but not sure if Dan is denying it.

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