When I am enjoying a yummy meal, I often end up over eating. But, soon after finishing I feel a bit miserable. Let’s analyse this further. A good meal takes about 30 to 45 minutes to eat. The over eating part takes about 5 to 10 or 30 minutes longer and yes, it gives us tremendous pleasure during this time. However, let’s see in how many ways we lose opportunity to generate some effective time.

  1. Healthy food gives me good energy for next couple of hours. Over eating keeps me lethargic and unfocused for the same period. During this period I can be more productive, thus generating free time and also I feel generally happier.
  1. The habit of not over eating results in better immune system, falling sick less often, reduced chance of developing diseases. In general likely to keep me healthier more often – again equivalent to increased ‘effective time’.
  1. Being healthier also means less visits to Dr’s office. That time is clearly a waste.
  1. It is conceivable that all this will also result in slight increase in life expectancy – so more ‘effective time’.

Do you still want to over eat!

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