The fact is that we need to be alive and healthy to be able to do or enjoy practically anything in life.

Continuing with our theme – that time is the most important commodity we have, more important than money. Money if lost, can be earned again, but not the time…

One thing to notice here is that –

“All times are not equal!”

The times when we are sick and down is clearly not what we long for.

There are times when I feel calm, self assured, confident and sharp. Life just feels a blessing. All problems appear small and in fact solutions come to my mind for many lingering problems.

If I sit down to work, I get lot more done in less time.

Even if I am just relaxing and watching a movie, I would enjoy it more as I have no stray thoughts running in my brain.

Such ‘times’ are of highest importance to me.

So think about it, when we say that ‘time is the most important commodity…’, we are really talking of ‘effective time’

And when we start talking of effective time, lot more doors open for increasing it!

For example, we all know that exercising is good for us. But has it ever occurred that after exercise we feel more fresh, calm and focused and can get more done in subsequent hours, thereby generating more relaxation time later in the day!

I will now leave and give you some time to ponder over all this, but promises to be back …


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