Pavitra Rishta has finally ended. (Did it sound like I emphasized the word ‘finally’ – sorry was trying not to!).  And with that a highly visionary tv serial of our time has come to an end.

I hear some sighs of relief and whispers of ‘thank God…’!. I call them ignorant, as they failed to appreciate the futuristic nature of this serial.

This is a serial, where you could see 5 generations of healthy and active people at the same time – the youngest being an 8 year old and the oldest, 5 generations up the ladder, not looking more than 70 years. Yes, you heard me right. They were 5 generations apart, all healthy and energetic.

It is said, that whatever you dream day in and day out, it becomes a reality in your life. Pick any book on motivation or leadership and you will find this theme.  (It just so happens, I am yet to witness this phenomenon in my life, but one exception can’t negate the wisdom of thousand of books).

That way, Pavitra Rishta has magnificently kept this dream of immortality alive in thousands of house- hold, with episodes after episodes after episode of same crap, sorry, I meant vision, of long and healthy life by showing 5 generations of people in play.

As a futurist, I have full faith in this vision. Call me skeptic, but my belief however, is based on advances in science and technology and not on what sci-fi literature or serials like Pavitra Rishta portray.

But that is me personally and skeptic personalities like me can’t change reality.

The fact remains that Pavitra Rishta was a visionary serial and one day, the future will prove this fact.

By the way, the never ending nature of the serial and snail pace of episodes also pointed towards the notion of immortality – but the audience got lucky there, and the serial finally has ended!



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