Well, Andy Murray lost that match, but overall he did not lose much. Looking from mortals’ eyes, he actually did quite well. He lost the final to one of the tennis’s immortals – Djokovic. He provided good challenge for first hour or so, by winning the first set and having the break point first in the second set. As Andy himself said, he is happy to be part of the history and yes, being part of this history making match is also an achievement.

It is Roger Federer who suffered the biggest loss from this match. Djokovic now holds all 4 majors, an open era record. He already leads head to head against Roger and has won lot more masters 1000 titles. Only major milestone he lacks is the number of majors won (12 against 17 of Roger). It is a big difference and clearly, even for Djokovic’s is superb form, it is not an easy milestone to catch. But irrespective of what happens in future, Roger’s claim as being the best in history is seriously at stake.

Also note, that it is just this final that has done the biggest damage. Had Djokovic lost, he probably would have never won French open anytime and even if he did win, chances of holding all 4 majors would have been next to none.

So even an ardent fan of Roger, that I have been, I have to say, this has been a major setback to Roger’s status.





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