I recently came across a group discussion on Linked-In in a group named ‘Spirituality’ on the topic “Finding Purpose of Life” and posted following questions. It is a very relevant topic and all of us struggle with this at some point in life.

I encourage you to share your thoughts on this topic and response to my questions.

The questions:

1. What is the ‘Purpose’ of trying to find the ‘Purpose of Life’? Why do we need to worry about it? What do we miss out if we just lead a life where we are happy and are useful to others within our capacity?

2. Is the pursuit of finding ‘Purpose of Life’ relevant only for those who desire to seek it or is it recommended for everyone? As an analogy, the goal to excel in the game of Tennis would be desirable only for those who are genuinely interested in this game or want to master it for some other reason. Mastering this game is not a recommended path for everyone. On the other hand, getting at least basic education is considered a necessity for every human being. What can be said about finding ‘Purpose of Life’ on these lines?


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