Michio Kaku in his book Visions, talks of type-1, type-2 and type-3 civilizations. According to that categorization, we would be around Type-0. Type-3 civilizations can do inter terrestrial travel, can survive beyond the life of their planet and stars and much more.

For the short term, looking at mere couple of decades head, the book Abundance envisions the possibility of clean water, nutritious food, affordable housing, personalized education, top-tier medical care and non polluting energy in abundance for every single individual on earth.

The caveat, (http://www.visionsoffuture.com/wordpress/are-we-in-the-midst-of-exponential-growth-where-are-we-headed/) is that there is high probability that we as civilization get completely destroyed or get pushed way back, before we achieve any of the above. The authors of the above two books also acknowledge the same.

So what is the most significant thing for us as an individual, society, nation or humanity as a whole?

Is it to provide catalysts for growth, so the above scenarios happen even faster? Probably not.

A far more important goal would be to prevent big disasters, so that we ensure or at least increase the chances of getting there.

As an example, it is acceptable if reaching the ability to inhabit other planets takes us extra couple of decades, centuries or even thousands of years. Earth has a projected life of more than a billion year and so time is on our side! What is far more important is that, slow or fast, we keep growing, and do not create circumstances for self destruction on the way.

So let’s all go ahead and do our bit and we will collectively realize our ultimate dream of full potential of exponential growth, which is nothing less than acquiring God like powers.


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