Dowry on decline in India – my reflections…

It is heartening to see the rapid decline of dowry in India.

Since childhood, in stories, in the classroom, from elders, from social reformers we always heard things like – dowry is bad, a curse on society, women should be given more respect, man’s attitude should change, mother in law should treat daughter in law like daughter and so on…

But none of the above as such changed. All of the factors as such are still the same.

The thing that has happened is that the girls and their parents who would, in the past, settle for dowry are no longer available! So it is not the men or mother in laws that have chosen to change their attitude. It is more like they have been forced to change with no other choice.

Mainly what has changed in India is technology based all round development due to which girls have opportunity to work, are financially independent and even are able to live and think independently. That is the single main factor that has been throwing dowry out the door!

“Social change follows economic change”, is something I heard in college days, seems the saying is indeed true!


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