Dismantling Global (Pseudo) Secularism…

On the anniversary of 9/11 and in the midst of extremism going on in Afghanistan, the secular community is busy holding conference titled Dismantly Global Hindutva! – https://dismantlinghindutva.com

Have they ever held any conference of this nature on extremism of which many countries have been victims, Afghanistan being a recent example.

They also don’t seem to care about distinguishing Hinduism from what they call Hindutva.

Oh, no let me correct myself. They do have a session on that. But that is on the last day of the conference! Anyone who attends conferences would know that by last day, most of the people are gone or have lost interest or have already formed opinions!

If they had even slightest regard for Hinduism, they would have had first couple of sessions establishing that difference and making sure they don’t hurt the sentiments of Hindus before proceeding.

Not sure of dismantling global Hindutva, but they seem to be on a fast road to dismantlng their own globally spread “pseudo secularism”!

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