I am reading the book ‘Creating True Prosperity’, by Shakti Gawain and liking it a lot. Will be sharing some related thoughts, as I read it.


First a disclaimer – creating true prosperity does not mean making more money. If more money is what you are looking for, you are at a wrong place!


True prosperity as defined in the book is –

“Having plenty of everything that one needs materially or otherwise.”


This definition seems simple and intuitive, but there are two key words in it, which make it interesting.


1.  The last word of the definition – “otherwise”. Here we are not just talking of material needs. Some examples – 

– If you have always had a desire to learn drawing as a hobby and have not done it – you are missing part of the prosperity.

– If cleaning lady that comes to your house is not reliable and has tendency to fall sick when you have guests at home! –  you are again missing part of the prosperity you deserve.

2. The word “needs”. Do we really know what we need? Many of us might feel we do, but discovering what we truly want and what would give us most joy and contentment is considered a life long pursuit in itself!


The book then points out that even if we know what we need, most of us do not know how to go about getting it. Again, just having excessive money is not enough.


Not sure if you have “plenty” of everything you need or not, but most likely, I have given you “plenty” to think about!


I will stop here for now. Will share more as I read and comprehend further.



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