True happiness…

Can’t be achieved by money and material prosperity alone.

Can neither be achieved by renouncing the world and taking Sanyasa (If you think it can be – go ahead and do it!. Why read this post!)

As per the book “Creating True Prosperity” by Shakti Gawain, the key to creating true happiness is to recognize all the energies (talents, interests, values, strengths and so on) one possess and then build a life to be able to express them.

The number of energies can be endless, but here are some examples.

Material Spiritual
Powerful Vulnerable
Organized Spontaneous
Responsible Care free
Serious playful
rational intuitive
Caring for others Caring for self
Hardworking Relaxed
   and so on …

These are listed as opposites, but they should not be viewed as that. For example, a person is not either material or spiritual but can be both – to different degrees.

Opposite of being responsible is not care less, but care free and there is value in both.

The important thing to recognize is that we all possess most of these energies but to different degrees and this is what one needs to recognize.

For example one could be mostly organized but occasionally spontaneous too.

A different person might be spontaneous most of the times but organized where really needed.

To quote the author – “One of the greatest challenges in our personal evolution is to develop and integrate into our lives as many of these energies as possible. The more aspects of ourselves we discover and learn to express, the more fullness and wholeness we experience.”

I like to add that this is the road to experiencing contentment and joy at deeper level.


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