Cooking or getting cooked!…

I am here in the kitchen, preparing a recipe, fully mindful, observing and finding joy in every little action.

Suddenly I ask myself, “But why am I preparing this recipe?”

Is it just because this is the most joyful activity I could find for this moment!

Or is it because once ready, I want to eat and enjoy the recipe too!

I just want to eat to satisfy my hunger or will this recipe provide me adequate nutrition also!

Besides being nutritious, does this recipe fit my long term plan to be in best possible health!

Am I preparing this recipe just for myself (and my family) or I also plan to share it with others, who are less privileged, hungry and need it more than me!

Satisfied, that the recipe fits into all of the above goals, I continue preparing with joyful state of mind…

With this here is my message for myself…

“The essence of life is in having eyes on the best possible long term outcome and then finding utmost joy in every action needed to achieve that outcome.

Without that, I am not ‘cooking’ anything but ‘getting cooked’ every moment”!


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