What thoughts do you have on waking up in the morning? What thoughts or emotions do you feel most of the day. Do they fall in these categories?

Stress, Rush, Effort, Tension, Worry, Lack of peace, Constrained, Anger, Frustration, Helplessness, Fear.

I believe that irrespective of your situation, whether you are super busy, going through financial hardships or any other challenges in your life, most of your thought pattern should be categorized under

Relaxed, Centered, Grounded, Confident, Calm, Open, Delighted, Effortless,Free, Empowered.

Can one be busy, have problems but still have above emotions? Yes, with training and practice. But before we talk of it, let’s see their benefits.

  1. These positive thoughts lead to relaxed state of mind which keeps you away from countless diseases and promotes long term good health.
  2. This state of mind makes you stronger and more capable of solving any challenges you are dealing with.
  3. Not to mention, one would feel more joy in these thoughts.

So, currently if you are unable to maintain these thoughts most of the time, shouldn’t practicing to be in these thoughts be one of your main goals – after all notice the win-win nature of this pursuit – it is good for you in every way – on one hand it will make you happy and healthier and on the other hand make you more capable to handle the challenges you are dealing with.

I will talk of training and practice in subsequent posts. For now, suffice to say that conventional meditation won’t do it. One reason being. if you are indeed busy, you probably don’t have time for it.


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