In computers if a hard drive badly gets infected, it can become impossible to repair or recover the data. However, if

  1. A good anti virus is used, the possibility of hard drive getting badly corrupted is minimized.
  2. If hard drive is backed up periodically, even if it gets corrupted, it can just be trashed and a new hard drive installed with backed up data.

I feel the same will happen in future in controlling the cancer.

That is, If a person does develop serious cancer, it might never be possible to safely eradicate it from that body.

However, someday the following will be possible –

  1. Scientists will develop methods to scan the body periodically, detect any cancer initiating signs and take care of those right away. If there are couple of cancerous cells, just get rid of those. This way we will never have a situation where a patient reaches serious level of cancer.
  2. We will be able to upload the brain into some other media and later download it back into a matching body, thus bringing a person back to life. This has been a popular science fiction theme for decades. But the way things are moving, all indications are that someday it will happen. So even if a patient becomes stuck with a life threatening disease like cancer, the worst case is that that person will be given a new body.

So in a way, the cure for cancer, the way it is perceived today will never be possible, but on the other hand it won’t be needed either.



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