(Based on chapter “Moments of Greatness” of the book “On Managing Yourself”, Harvard Business Review)

All of us experience times when we feel relaxed, full of energy and ideas. Those are the times when problems appear small and solvable and we get lot done in relatively less time. These are also the moments when we are usually in a state of joy and contentment. The problem is that such periods are infrequent and we don’t know how to create those at will.

There chapter suggests 4 steps to achieving that state of peak performance and joy.

  1. Visualize results. Focus on the results you want to create in your life. Think of possibilities that don’t exist yet. Be willing to venture beyond familiar territory and dream about your ambitions.
  2. Look inwards. Clarify your core values. Connect with your authentic self. Muster courage to move forward based on what you want, centered around your core values, as opposed to being governed by what rest of the world wants from you.
  3. Be open. Be objective, Let go of your ego. Look for feedback from outside. Learn from environment. Be willing to change when needed. This may look in contradiction to what I just said in step 2, but it is not. Many times we get caught in our ego and internal world and end up living in the state of partial illusion where we get far away from reality. This step of being open will help us stay on course to making real progress.
  4. Have greater good in mind. Think just not about your self but about all others that you care about. Again, this is not in contradiction with step 2. Our deepest level of satisfaction and joy comes when we can be part of the success of our loved ones. Again, what we do for others is primarily governed by our internal values and desires – not by what others expect from us.

By practicing above 4 steps, we will see that we get into the state of peak performance and joy, more often.



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