Friends, recently on a simple hike my wife tripped, fractured her right wrist and got couple of other bruises. Nothing that bad, such fractures are not that uncommon and it could have been much worse. Things are under control. But what I want to share is some spiritual moments I went through when it happened…

I was suddenly reminded of my own blog – ‘Living life – video game style’ and said to myself, vow, one game just got over and new one started. Now playing this game with my best ability is my only reality that matters. The past and future are irrelevant!

Although I fully expect complete recovery in couple of months (or longer), there is no guarantee. Further, by that time something else, good or bad could happen, meaning that the life that we just had two days back may never come back!

On the same token comparing the life now with what I had before this accident is irrelevant. Whatever, I had (the game we had been presented and were playing) was not supposed to last forever anyway and had to end one day.

So all that mattered was to play this game I was currently presented with, with full zeal and enthusiasm! What does that mean in this specific case. Since my wife is the actual sufferer, my inconvenience does not count. I just need to adjust, stay positive and happy (in a blissful state of mind as per Nirvana Shatkam) and take best care of her.

Trust me, the above thoughts had suddenly crossed my mind when driving back from urgent care facility and have helped me tremendously in handling the situation since then.


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