A memorable beach walk. This happened in February, 2020 during our Fort Lauderdale, Florida vacation.

One morning I walked to the ocean couple of blocks away and had the privilege to witness Fort Lawderdale marathon and half marathon. Instinctively I also got motivated and started running.

During that I observed everyone, even those looking much older, pass by me, as I had been the slowest. One runner looking about as old as me had a big sign ‘cancer survivor’ on this tea shirt.

This sight motivated me too. Although I stopped shortly, fully exhausted, but continued my jog/walk to the best of my ability. Overall had a good one hour walk.

Seeing everyone, young and old pass by me had been a bit frustrating and a reality check of my fitness! 🙂

But I had a great walk, far better than anything I would have done without the motivation and energy coming from 100s of runners.

Lesson learnt – knowledge and willpower are important but it is the right company and atmosphere that makes things happen!


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