Part  2 of 4 part article – see Me and My Free Time – a GWL’s dilemma (humor) for part 1

“Who are you?”

“What is the purpose of your existence?”

A GWL’s response –

First, GWL(Genetically wired lazy) like me have no time for such questions. Any free time is too valuable to spend on them.

Even then, when I pondered over these, I came out with answer in no time.

I am surprised when I hear things like

“Finding who you are is lifetime process”


“The purpose of your life to find what the purpose is!”.

I hope it is not just me who is lately being bombarded with such statements!

Well, the answer was obvious in my previous post – “Me and My Free Time – a GWL’s dilemma“

Getting “Free Time” is the my ultimate goal.

This is what defines me, my identity and my purpose in life.

It answers for me both the questions – ‘Who am I?” and “What the purpose of my existence is?”.

“Who am I?” – simple – I am a GWL (Genetically Wired Lazy).

‘But there has been no talk of purpose!’ – you ask.

“There actually was”, I respond

The purpose of my existence is to “DO NOTHING!”.

How does a GWL deal with work overload – that is a topic of next post.


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